Same Sex Portugal Wedding Elopement Inspiration

Love is not linear. It can be soft and rough at the same time. It can be subtle but full of intensity. It does not always have warm tones but the heat is there. Love is most important, at least it should be. That's how we think!

That’s how we described this Editorial together with Marta and Rui from Sublime Films. Love is love. We shouldn’t want to explain what is unexplainable or add words where they aren’t necessary.

We were fortunate to work with love together with a wonderful team of professionals on this day. Check out their work:
Video: Sublime Films
Hair / Beard: Barbearia Porto
Styling: Diana Vinha - Pretty Exquise Image Consulting
Makeup: M'and Makeup
Jewerlly: Fraga
Cake: Bakewell
And thanks to Miss’Opo.

Don’t forget to see the amazing video made by our lovely friends Sublime Films

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